You may be thinking that if you’re fucking cougars you’ve met on , you’re good to go. Believe me, I used to think that way. I used to think that once you’re fucking cougars, you are done. You have achieved what you’re trying to achieve. Mission accomplished. Well, not so fast. Fucking cougars is just one of the many stages you have to go through if you really want to master the cougar dating game.

You have to understand that just because you’re fucking cougars it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get to fuck the same woman over and over again. In fact, if you rotate from one cougar after another, and they are few and far between, you’re really losing in the game. Seriously.

The main reason why you joined a cougar dating site is you want to bring some predictability and consistency to your cougar sex game. Unfortunately, if you joined the wrong website, or you used the wrong strategy, or applied the wrong methods, the success rate you would get in fucking cougars would really be indistinguishable from your normal sex rate. I am, of course, talking about you staying home on Friday nights and jerking off to cougar porn. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. I’m sure that’s not your preferred reality, but that’s the sad state of affairs for most of the guys who tried their hand at fucking cougars.

So if you are serious about not wasting your time, you need to make sure you deliver the experience the female is looking for. Make her cum. Don’t be greedy. Please her. Try to bend over backwards to make sure that she has a good time. If she’s able to have a good time, then she will come back for more and, guess what? You’ll develop a reputation and other cougars would show up or contact you for a piece of the action. Now how awesome is that?

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Have you ever had a fuck friend? Now, this is a person who started out as a friend. This is a person who put you in the friend zone and you guys saw eye-to-eye. You guys have a great time together. You’re very comfortable with each other. In many cases, you could tell each other some long-held secrets.

There are no secrets between you. It feels really good to be with each other. But for some reason or another, it did not become sexual. For some reason or another, you looked at each other as purely friends.

Now, something happened along the way and one thing led to another and you end up putting your dick in her pussy. In fact, in many cases, you probably have done it many times. In certain cases, you probably went balls deep. Whatever the case may be, you developed a fuck friend. The friendship went from the friend zone to the fuck friend zone.

Now, a lot of guys think that this means that they are free from ever having to starve for sex. They may be thinking that they are free of this sex drought that they were facing. Absolutely wrong. To find fuck friends and local sex partners can be your reality as well.

You have to understand that a fuck friendship is still a friendship. And, in many cases, the friendship has to take higher priority than the fucking. The fucking is just a side benefit. It is not the main dish. It is not the main show.

Keep that in mind because if you insist on your otherwise friendly relationship to center primarily on sex and physical gratification, don’t be surprised if you are out one less friend.

The point I’m trying to make here is that the core essence of a fuck friend is that this person is a friend. Treat that person always as a friend. If anything else, sacrifice the sex before the interest of the friend.

You see, friends are very hard to find. Real friends are very rare. Would you really trade a lifelong friendship just for a blowjob and a rimming? I think not.

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I know that the title for this blog post involving live porn chat is probably going to make you laugh out loud. I really can’t say I blame you. Can you imagine how engaging in adult interactive live entertainment can make you do your job better? I mean, that’s like the person in your office that got fired for watching porn on the job claims that watching that stuff made him a better worker. Yeah right, right?

Well, in this case, it actually makes a lot of sense. Any time you deal with any kind of two-way communication like on,  you increase your effectiveness as a communicator. You can identify certain signals that people are sending out. In many cases, people communicate not just by the words coming out of their mouth but also through very subtle signals.

First, when you communicate with somebody, you obviously pick the topic to talk about. Second, when you’re talking to somebody, your tone of voice changes, also the speed at which you talk communicates a lot as well. Also, in terms of visual signals, you’re communicating at that level as well. People can see your posture, they can see your body language, and they can definitely see your facial expressions. All these add up to an overall picture that communicates the force of the idea that you’re trying to say.

By being clueless regarding these signals doesn’t make you a very good communicator. If you want to become the best HR coordinator possible, you have to master the art of communication. Communication is one of those human skill sets that you truly will never ever master. I mean, there’s always a higher level, but by constantly engaging and sharpening your communication skills regardless of what you’re engaged in, you will put yourself in a situation where you’re constantly learning. You end up constantly pushing your communication skills to a much higher level.

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