Have you ever had a fuck friend? Now, this is a person who started out as a friend. This is a person who put you in the friend zone and you guys saw eye-to-eye. You guys have a great time together. You’re very comfortable with each other. In many cases, you could tell each other some long-held secrets.

There are no secrets between you. It feels really good to be with each other. But for some reason or another, it did not become sexual. For some reason or another, you looked at each other as purely friends.

Now, something happened along the way and one thing led to another and you end up putting your dick in her pussy. In fact, in many cases, you probably have done it many times. In certain cases, you probably went balls deep. Whatever the case may be, you developed a fuck friend. The friendship went from the friend zone to the fuck friend zone.

Now, a lot of guys think that this means that they are free from ever having to starve for sex. They may be thinking that they are free of this sex drought that they were facing. Absolutely wrong. To find fuck friends and local sex partners can be your reality as well.

You have to understand that a fuck friendship is still a friendship. And, in many cases, the friendship has to take higher priority than the fucking. The fucking is just a side benefit. It is not the main dish. It is not the main show.

Keep that in mind because if you insist on your otherwise friendly relationship to center primarily on sex and physical gratification, don’t be surprised if you are out one less friend.

The point I’m trying to make here is that the core essence of a fuck friend is that this person is a friend. Treat that person always as a friend. If anything else, sacrifice the sex before the interest of the friend.

You see, friends are very hard to find. Real friends are very rare. Would you really trade a lifelong friendship just for a blowjob and a rimming? I think not.

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